Neuropsychology is a specialised branch of psychology that focuses on the diagnosis and management of conditions impacting the brain.


Generally speaking, Neuropsychologists assist in diagnosing conditions that affect the brain. They use highly specialised tests to identify problems affecting how you think.

Things that affect ‘how you think’ can range from:

  • Childhood issues, such as developmental conditions that one is born with, or learning issues, epilepsy etc.
  • head injuries,
  • drug use,
  • lifestyle issues, e.g., mood, fatigue or dietary issues (such as diabetes),
  • disorders that can happen with age (e.g., dementia),
  • neurological disorders caused by genetics such as multiple sclerosis.


Once a condition has been diagnosed through testing, the neuropsychologist can then also assist with the ongoing management of these conditions.

The neuropsychologist can:

  • Provide a report for relevant parties, such as your doctor.
  • Reports assist with obtaining funding from government bodies, including NDIS.
  • Providing specific feedback to clients and their families to help them understand the condition and best manage it.