The Macaroni Virus (VIDEO)

The team created this story book FOR ADULTS to raise awareness about what we can all do to help during this time of crisis.

Warning: this is not designed or intended for young viewer, who may find the contents distressing.

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Take care

Dr Korrel

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Talking to your Child About Corona Virus

Helpful links: sing your favourite song while washing your hands, doing fun child-friendly experiments, and rubbing off stamps over the course of the day.

By Dr Hannah Korrel, Neuropsychologist

Dr Korrel runs a neuropsychology practice in Sydney’s Lower North Shore. If you or your family members are feeling anxious or distressed and would like to arrange a psychological session with Dr Korrel, Contact Us.

Tele-health sessions can be arranged for you or your family members (this is over the phone so no need to physically come into the clinic).

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