Dr Korrel specalises in neurodiversity assessments. She can provided adult and child assessments for Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Many clients are unsure if they qualify for the criteria of autism/ADHD. Clients may also feel uncertain and benefit from talking about their experience with Dr Korrel.

Sometimes doctors (such as paediatricians, psychiatrists or GPs) may refer you for an assessment to determine if there is psychometric support of a neurodivergent condition (such as Autism or ADHD).

An intake session with Dr Korrel (50 minutes, $250) is an affordable way to determine if there are enough symptoms to warrant a neuropsychology assessment or referral to a psychiatrist. Dr Korrel can make recommendations about the next steps based on your intake session.

Dr Korrel has worked with many children and adults to help identify their neurodivergent traits and helped them to understand themselves better. Dr Korrel has a particular interest in high functioning neurodiversity and older females who may have gone undetected in their childhood.

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